Off to Malta!

My family and I are off for an exciting trip to lead music and worship in Malta! We will be leading worship six times for all the MTW missionary women from Europe. They have not been able to gather together since before covid! So, we have chosen a number of the most well known songs and hymns. 

We are hoping and praying for 1.) that the women will find great fellowship. 2.) that we will gain a wider view of the church, 3.) that our family will have a good time! 

Finally, if you are able we will keep these links up for one week to raise a few funds for expenses. We covered two tickets with our points, our missions committee covered two, and we'd love to raise a bit more to cover the last ticket or two! (about $1300 each.) Thank you! 

Update on March 5: We have already had a wonderful and generous response and are close to our goal. Thank you so much! 

Update late on March 5: Because of the strikes in Germany, many flights were cancelled and other flights imediately filled up. So….we are now travelling back on Monday the 11th. And the Coram Deo Conference begins on March 12th! Praying can keep this schedule and make it as newly planned. 

Final Update: What a wonderful time! We truly enjoyed meeting and singing with all those who came to the retreat. It was a week full of great singing and fellowship. Plus, we were able to get out and about on Malta to see many historical and naturtal sights - what a priviledge. And, we were able to get back in time for the Coram Deo Pastors Conference. 

Finally, thanks to all who gave!  We were able to cover expenses, including the extra days due to the delay in travel.  We are very thankful and humbled by your generosity.