About Nathan

Nathan is the Pastor of Worship at Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, NC where he gets to plan and lead worship alongside a great team of pastors and musicians. He also speaks on the theology of worship, writes music in various styles, and plays concerts with friends and family.

Music and Theology

Musically speaking, Nathan is a bit ecletic. He writes and records acoustic, folk-rock, instrumental, and congregational music. He's been influenced by the acoustic music of the 70s (James Taylor, Leo Kotke, Simon and Garfunkel), bluegrass and country (Johnny Cash, Lyle Lovett, Alison Krauss) pop-rock and blues (Mark Knophler, Sting, Little Feat), electronic music (current artists such as Martin Stimming) and classical music of all sorts. He grew up hearing and singing the harmonies of an old hymnal and listening to his parent's classical records. Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is still one of his favorite pieces.  

Theologically speaking, he is firmly rooted in the historic, reformed Presbyterian church (i.e. the Westminster Confession of Faith). His work is focused on a practical philosophy of worship that is primarily geared toward the long term discipleship of the congregation. He believes the congregation should be the main voice in a worship service and that one of God's main purposes in worship is the formation of souls. When choosing music for the church he leans heavily on hymnals, psalters, and some of the more singable modern songs from writers such as Soveriegn Grace, Greg Wilbur, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, the Gettys, Sandra McCracken, Henry Haffner, City Alight and more. 

Touring and Teaching

Nathan has the privilege of touring a few times a year with an ever-changing cast of characters. He plays solo, with his old band mates, or some line up of his own family. Concerts range from quiet acoustic guitar to bluegrass to the pop-rock of the 60's, 70's, and more. The character of the concerts vary from worshippful to simply having a bit of musical fun with family and friends.  

Finally, he has had the great priviledge of teaching on the subject of worship at his own church and conferences when time allows. His focus is normally on a practical philosophy of worship that emphasizes the formation of the body of Christ. Also, from time to time, he enjoys working with other musicians and leaders through workshops or teaching both old and new versions of the psalms.