BUFFALO GRASS is a slightly experimental collection of melodies inspired by the western Dakota grasslands. The impetus for pulling this together was an invitation to use the music for film. In the end they chose symphonic material, but I had begun and couldn't stop. So, after too many years of just messing with the tunes, I decided to pull an album together in celebration of a short visit to see our good friends who live on the western plains. The expanse was more captivating than memory, and conversation was more enriching than hoped for. 

In 1998 Patsy and I, along with our newborn son, moved to Lemmon SD. Though we only stayed a little over two years the winds and views of the prairie spread wide in my imagination. Since then I've been playing around with these melodies, along with several more that emerged while reminiscing. Why do the plains create such longing in the heart? 

Each track is more of a scene or a thought than a full blown song or composition. Trying to capture what the eye and heart gawk at when standing on a butte in North Dakota is rather daunting, and perhaps impossible. Even so, these vignettes, half-tunes, and short motifs grew out of that impulse. Perhaps among them you will even find some movement toward a melody, whispering as it does while weaving through the native grasses of North Dakota. 

Guitars, vocals, melodica, thumps, and other sounds: N.C.G 
Bass and mysterious tones: Tom Michael 
Drums: Brett Vargason 
Violin: Henry Haffner 
Mandolin: Mark Stoffel 

Heard by N.C.G 
Mixed and Mastered by Tom Michael 

© all rights reserved