Shiphrah and Puah

Worship Notes for June 26, 2022

The two themes woven throughout our service today are the fear of the Lord and the Lord's compassion. Without the fear of God we obey self, others, or the prevailing culture. Without the Lord's compassion we would not know his salvation.

The two midwives in Exodus 1 were commanded to kill the babies of the Israelites, but they feared God over the most powerful man on earth. It's not a stretch to think they showed compassion and mercy for the mothers and babies to their fear of God. 

The two lessons might be as follows. Frist, we all need to know the fear of God, or we will make laws that suit ourselves, our desires, and our convenience. Second, we need to know that the Lord's compassion and mercy is more than our sin.

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This past Sunday came on the heals of the Dobbs Supreme Court decision. It is both time to rejoice and to pray for mercy; a time to fear God and show compassion.

One of the best aspects of the reversal of Roe is that it corrects a very mis-represented history and may actually serve to protect life. At the same time unrest is sure to follow. At the very least it's not a time to sit back and simply congratulate ourselves. It's a time to give thanks unapologetically. It's also time to say many other things about the issues in our land: motherhood, fatherhood, marriage, etc. 

I am certainly not the best in this arena, so, here are a couple articles and podcasts from Kevin DeYoung related to these issues:
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