Why So Similar?

Worship notes for April 10, 2022 for Christ Covenant Church, Matthew, NC. 

For many churches certain worship services or seasons look very similar from year to year: Advent and Christmas, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Sunday, Pentecost, etc. To this short list we could add Reformation Sunday and Thanksgiving. In our context all this is very intentional, and not simply traditional. Christmas Carols become old favorites in part because they are so well written, but also because of the repetition from year to year. Over time certain songs and seasons become a balm to our soul. 

Just as it’s natural to sing Amazing Grace at the grave side, so it is good to remind ourselves of what happed during the triumphal entry and Holy Week. After recalling the darkness our Lord endured it becomes our joy to celebrate his victory over death, his ascension to the right hand of the Father, and his gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Of course, a few may charge that even a loose use of the church calendar and repetition causes rote religion. But like those who make the charge, perfunctory worship is last thing we want. Also, I’m convinced that constantly chasing the new doesn’t focus the heart very well. The fact remains that we will repeat something. And I find value in coming back to some of the best hymns and songs year after year. 

In Preparation 

One way to avoid allowing worship to slip by like a dull day at work is to prepare. If you read up on a composer you will enjoy the orchestra more. If you read articles about an athlete, you will enjoy the game more. Investing just 10 or 15 minutes will transform the way you engage with a worship service. Perhaps you could look over the songs and Scriptures before we gather on Sunday and then pray that the Lord would open your heart and mind to the themes and truths those elements present. There is always something old that could hit you anew. 

May this season from Holy Week to Pentecost rekindle our love for the good news. 

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