Refreshment for the Restless

Worship notes for July 3, 2022.

In Isaiah 28:12 the Lord calls his people to find rest and repose, but they would not listen. Not much has changed. Sometimes I wonder if it's because we prefer our anxiousness. In any case, when I am anxious I don't rest well, and I probably don't listen well either. The night before a trip or a big event my sleep is often full of fits and starts.

I suppose there are many reasons for restlessness. And we probably all yearn for deep rest and satisfaction on some level. We all look for it in many ways as well, often times in foolish and temporary ways. 

But the Sabbath is supposed to be day of rest, and thankfully it comes around every seven days. What a gift! But even the Sabbath rest is just a foretaste of what's to come. This week our service makes it clear that the Lord offers true and lasting refreshment. We are called to seek him, to wait for him. Will we be refreshed with his word? Can we take this message of refreshment and rest to a restless world?

This week we will begin to learn Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul. Check it out. 

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