Comfort, Comfort

Had a great time pulling this together, complete with all three of our bass players who have contributed through the years. Merry Christmas!

Guitar and Vocals: Nathan George (In North Carolina)
Mandolin: Mark Stoffel (In Southern Illinois)
Bass: Ross Sermons (In Tasmania.....where Christmas is rather warm)
Viola: Henry Haffner (In Tennessee)
Bass: Tom Michael (In Tennessee)
Bass: Elliot George (In North Carolina)

15 years and 3 bass players later, we really miss touring this year (2020, covid...)! So, here's a little musical comfort and hope in this season.

Trivia: Mark and I started playing together in 2005. Ross teamed up in 2006. Henry jumped on board in 2012. Ross moved to Tasmania around 2015, so Tom Michael stepped in on bass. Then Elliot took a turn in 2018. Then Ross was able to rejoin last year (2019). Anyway, I figured three bass players was about right for this video. :)

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