Worship notes for Nov. 1, 2020

After considering the decline of mankind in Genesis 4, chapter 5 comes as a relief. In fact, relief is promised. This week, as we sing at Christ Covenant Church, we will be reminded that the Lord has often granted relief, that we were made to walk with him, that our penalty was paid in full (our ultimate relief), and that all our cares can be cast upon him. Even our greatest burden Christ bore on the cross. And so we respond my singing how marvelous, how wonderful!

I have to admit, this is a reminder I need and want. With the current political messes we are watching along with the pandemic lingering, there is a felt need for relief. Fatigue has set in across the board. Thankfully, that's not the end of the story. Though new challenges come, current ones fade. So, though there is no promise of a life of ease which is free of cares, there is a promised hope that through each challenge we grow and begin to rise above passing frustrations. 

Therefore, though I don't do this perfectly by any stretch, my heart can both engage with current needs (i.e. vote, deal with health issues, work out all the details of life) and look way beyond them. The promise of ultimate relief gives relief from being beholden to the problem of the hour. Thank goodness.

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